In Popular Wars you pursue the only meaningful goal in life - to become popular with your peers. Walk around the school, act like you are better than everyone else, be smooth and watch your following grow by the minute. The bigger your crowd, the easier it is for you to overcome other players and even tear down walls of the building if you feel like it - the game features nice-looking modern graphics and amusing physics.

Popular Wars

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Popular Wars starts with every player having just one character. During the next two minutes you need to focus on finding followers around the school and convincing them to join you. Approach them and they will not be able to resist your charm. If you encounter another player, the bigger crowd one will consume the smaller one, so be careful not to underestimate your opponents power.

When your party gets big enough you will notice that almost nothing can stand in your way: benches, tables and even walls will fall down making it easier for you to walk around your domain. The player with the biggest score by the end of the round wins.

Play PopularWars.io, create the greatest following of fans, defeat the losers and prove that you're the coolest kid on the block.

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